Covington County has begun the long process of cleaning up the debris left behind from two catastrophic tornadoes that devastated the county on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020.  The people of Covington County, however, are resilient and once again, as with other disasters, are working together to put their lives back together.
Local churches (even some that suffered damage) stepped up and immediately helped clear debris and then set up places where anyone in need can receive meals, clothing, supplies, and an encouraging word.  Organizations have come into the county with food and clothing as well as equipment to help clear the debris.  The Board of Supervisors, the Mayors, and the County and City Employees are working hard to get the cleanup done.  First Responders provided rescue and medical services, and are providing resources and aid to victims of the storm.  Some of those that are aiding people in need are themselves victims of the storms but want to assist in helping others.
The power companies, with the help of fellow power companies, have come in and have restored the power in almost all areas.  The water and gas companies are working to restore service to all customers that are able to receive the utilties.
While dealing with the horror of the storms, many people for a short while had forgotten about the Coronavirus.  This global COVID-19 pandemic adds to the difficulty in cleaning up the massive debris.  While cleaning up, people need to practice social distancing and think about how to slow the spread of the virus.
The strong people of Covington County are grateful to their fellow citizens and to the many people who have come from near and far to their aid, bringing with them food, supplies, and equipment as well as a helping hand.  Restoration is on its way.