Collins Aldermen voted unanimously at their meeting on Tuesday, May 16 to name the park on Main Street in honor of Mayor V.O. Smith. “V.O. has done a lot for our town, and I think we ought to do this for him,” said Alderman-At-Large Bobby Mooney. The city purchased the property located nextdoor to City Hall last year. When it was purchased a dilapidated building was on the property, and crews went to work tearing down the building in preparation for a small green space. Mayor Smith took the project on to create a park where an eyesore once sat. “I’m all for it,” said Alderman Lester Magee. Smith, who has served as Mayor of Collins for nine terms was defeated in the primary election earlier this month. “The park will have a plaque at the entrance and an arched sign above it with his name on it,” said Mooney. The motion was made and it passed unanimously.