The news of which bargain fans have been waiting is finally set in stone, or concrete in this case.

After month’s of anticipation, Shirley’s of Collins has announced plans to rebuild their popular discount warehouse after one of the largest commercial fire’s in Collins history destroyed the previous building.

“We’re building back!” owner Tammy White told The News-Commercial. “We’re going to get in there as soon as we can. I’m hoping before Christmas.”

Concrete work is starting very soon, making a place for the new facility being built by Davis Construction of Collins.

“”We’re going to be bigger than before,” she announced. “It’s going to be 25,000 square feet instead of the 17,000 or 18,000 square feet. The building has been ordered. We also have to overlay the existing slab because of the damage.”

Even though Shirley’s will be larger, there will be another major change.

“We’re definitely not bringing back the furniture store,” she said. “We may have a few small pieces, but everything else will be back.
The March 10, 2019 fire was ruled an arson after a burglary.

The people arrested were also tied into several other burglaries that were solved through the investigation, including a local school and discount store. Camera footage at the discount store, according to its owner, was able to provide evidence to help identify suspects.

Kendrick Jordan, 19, of Collins, faces commercial burglary and other charges from the Collins Police Department in relation to the Shirley’s of Collins burglary and fire.

An unidentified juvenile also faces similar charges.