Shirley’s of Collins, an extremely popular discount retailer, will build a new location once everything is settled following a massive fire that destroyed their U. S. Highway 49 building.

People from several states would visit Shirley’s to find the best deals and latest trends in home decor, wedding supplies, fabrics, furniture, and other items.

“Most definitely, yes, we will reopen. I don’t know how long it will take. We’re having to deal with insurance and reports and all that. We are looking for a possible temporary location, even close-by,” owner Tammy White said.

White continued by praising the word of the Collins Fire Department.

“I know they were there for 12 to 14 hours,” White said. “We just appreciate everything they did for us to help us out. They worked nonstop. They were so tired in the morning. We appreciate our customers,” she said. “The whole town has come together as they pray for us and check on us. Our customers are wonderful. So many people commenting that it’s their favorite store.”