The 2022 session adjourned on Tuesday, April 5. To provide for allocation of federal funds received by virtue of Congress’ passing of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), the session was lengthened by a few days.

The most important bills to pass this session:

  • The START Act would provide the largest teacher and assistant teacher salary increase in state history, boosting teacher pay to above the Southeastern average.
  • The Mississippi Tax Freedom Act will cut the state’s income tax by approximately 20 percent over five years. This will make Mississippi’s income tax the fifth lowest of the states that levy income taxes.
  • Parker’s Law will increase criminal penalties to a minimum of 20 years for knowingly selling an illegal substance containing fentanyl, when the user dies as a result.
  • The Pregnancy Resource Act will provide a tax credit for contributions to qualified crisis pregnancy centers, with the total collective credit being capped at $3.5 million.
  • House Bill 1430 will allow for owners of motor vehicles to make a beneficiary designation to their titles. Known as a “Transfer on Death,” title to the vehicle would not pass until the death of the owner, and the owner could change the beneficiary at any time for any reason. This will make estate planning an easier task.
  • The Medical Cannabis Act was passed very early in the session and has already been signed into law by Gov. Reeves. The Department of Health has been working since passage to get the program off the ground.

Noah Sanford represents parts of Covington, Simpson, and Jefferson Davis Counties in the Mississippi House of Representatives. He can be reached at