Governor Tate Reeves signed House Bill 521 at the City of Collins Fire Department on April 17, 2023.

House Bill 521 is An Act To Authorize The Mississippi Insurance Department To Create The Mississippi Length-of-service Award Program (losap) For The Recruitment And Retention Of Volunteer Firefighters; To Provide That The Program Will Provide Paid Length-of-service Awards To Eligible Volunteer Firefighters; To Provide Definitions; To Provide That The Losap Shall Be Administered By The Mississippi Length-of-service Award Program Board Of Trustees And To Provide The Members Who Will Serve On The Board; To Provide The Powers And Duties Of The Losap Board Of Trustees; To Create The “Mississippi Volunteer Firefighter Length-of-service Awards Program Fund” (losap Fund) Maintained By The State Treasurer And To Provide What Monies In The Fund May Be Used For; To Provide That The Mississippi Insurance Department Shall Notify The State Fire Marshal And The Losap Board Of Trustees Of Any Volunteer Fire Department Member Who Is Ineligible To Receive The Losap Funds; And For Related Purposes.