The City of Collins will soon get a green space on Main Street.
The Board of Aldermen voted to purchase a piece of property that once housed the Collins Cleaners and the old Bill Dent Law Office building.  The cleaners is falling in and had been declared unsafe by Public Works Director Bob Shoemake.
Mayor V.O. Smith explained his ideas for the 30’x90’ property.
“We began revitalizing our downtown in 2003 with new lighting, sidewalks and landscaping,” he said. “Several years later we received a grant to renovate the depot on the east end of town, and we’ve said we need a green area on Main Street.”
Plans for the project include two entrances built from the antique bricks from the buildings.
“We want to create two arches like we have at the Robertson Park,” Smith said.
Smith explained that in addition to the arches, the park will include restrooms, a small concession stand, a small stage with an arbor for concerts, tables and chairs with umbrellas and a fountain in the center.
“It will be a place that can be used for Santa Claus during our Christmas events, and it will be a place where we can have special events going on during Okatoma Festival.  It’s going to be a spot we have needed on Main Street.”
Smith said he would like to have the space finished by the Christmas season.
“I think it’s going to be a big asset for Collins,” he said.  “Wherever I go, people always brag on Main Street in Collins.  It’s important to keep it looking nice.”
Smith said he estimates the project to cost about $25,000-$30,000.
“We are going to use the money we receive off the city’s rental property at the industrial park for this project,” he said.  “We have several hundred thousand dollars from that rental property so it wont be taxpayer funds that are used.”
The park will include lighting and landscaping.
“It will be another area along Main Street we can be proud of,” said Smith.